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Blog: Getting Around the Plug Check

Being able to confirm pregnancy prior to transfer and harvest helps reduce animal waste and increase the reliability of providing timed-pregnant, genetically altered mice. Which brings us to the subject of ultrasound.

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Blog: A Safe Bet

A 2014 survey found only 53 percent of Americans were confident that vaccines are safe and effective. That's half the population in a country which, 50 years ago, lined up in droves for a polio shot. What's going on?

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Blog: The Advantages of Microsampling

Microsampling has become one of the big discussion points in animal research, but we have a long way to go before the technique is routine. Here are five points you may not know with respect to liquid microsampling.

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Blog: The Interrogation Room

Scientists began developing syngeneic models over 50 years ago. Researchers are now "profiling" as many of these syngeneic cell lines as possible in hopes of steering research questions to the right model.

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Blog: Obama's Research Budget

President Obama's proposed US$3.9 trillion budget, unveiled earlier today, reflects a 6% increase in research and development spending.

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Blog: Looking Back ... And Ahead

My how we've grown. Eureka, Charles River's online community for scientists to explore, connect and share big ideas had a very productive year. Read all about it in our 2014 annual report.

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