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Blog: The Rap on Pap Tests

If you have at least a CIN 2—a moderate to severe dysplasia that can progress to cancer in 20% of women—the probability that a single Pap test will pick up the lesion is only 53%. In other words, 47% of these cervical cancer lesions will be missed. A recently approved tool can improve the odds for high-risk women, but making it available is easier said than done.

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Blog: Grading the Germ Tests: An Update

Several months ago, the Research Animal Diagnostics Services unit at Charles River put two microbial identification systems to a head-to-head test. Here’s what we found.

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Blog: Stand and Deliver

Cindy Buckmaster explains the key messages of her inspirational talk, Stop Hiding & Change the World, given at the 2014 Charles River Short Course on Laboratory Animal Science.

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Blog: Brain Trust

A major gift along with groundbreaking work by a psychiatric genomics group have lit a fire under the struggling field of schizophrenia research.

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Blog: Preserving the Role of an Ancient Mariner

Horseshoe crabs are over 450 million years old. They are also vital to modern-day science. In this Charles River podcast, learn about some of the earliest works undertaken in South Carolina to conserve these sea creatures, and how it benefits us.

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Blog: Even Rodents Need a Break From the Kids

While studying the impact of cage size on inbred and outbred mice and rats, researchers observed a previously undocumented behavioral pattern that suggests even laboratory rodents may need a break from the kids. The findings were presented at the annual Charles River Short Course on Laboratory Animal Science.

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