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Blog: Abstract Science: Sept. 21-25

Lessons learned from a failed stem cell study, the brave new world of mitochondrial replacement and a look at the FDA nominee. This week in Abstract Science.

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Blog: Bacteria Sleuths

Most microbes that live in freshwater habitats work anonymously but advances in molecular biology have enabled scientists to get a better handle on who these bacteria are and what they do.

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Blog: Smoking Guns

Tobacco products are complex mixtures of literally hundreds of constituents and materials. Read how the FDA's NicScreen project is helping us learn more about them.

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Abstract Science: Viruses & Bacteria, Sept.28-Oct.2
In the News: Microbial ID, LC-MS methods
Abstract Science: Sept. 21-25

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Blog: Looking Back ... And Ahead

My how we've grown. Eureka, Charles River's online community for scientists to explore, connect and share big ideas had a very productive year. Read all about it in our 2014 annual report.

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