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Blog: Cancer Vigilantes

A recent cancer symposium on new approaches in drug discovery reflects the paradigm shift in how we view this leading killer.

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Blog: About those Obesity Studies...

Joseph Cornicelli, a Scientific Advisor for Charles River Discovery Services in the areas of inflammation, and metabolic and cardiovascular diseases (and a frequent Eureka blogger) weighs in on recent data that appear to dampen the health risks of obesity. His post appeared on the popular blog site Science 2.0.

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Blog: Fowl Play

Can recombinant DNA technology outfox the tiny chicken parvovirus stunting our broiler chickens? The experimental vaccine is composed of chicken parvovirus viral proteins manufactured by yeast cells.

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Blog: The Ultimate Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice bucket challenge heard round the world has helped raise awareness and over US$110 million (by last count) for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research. The bigger challenge will be finding more effective treatments, a cure or a way to prevent this complex neurodegenerative disorder.

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Blog: Experts Talk Mice

In a recent feature in GEN, Charles River’s Joseph Cornicelli and six other experts weigh in on what makes a good mouse model.

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Blog: In Nanoscopic Detail

The Nobel Prize for Chemistry recognized three scientists this week for surpassing the perceived theoretical limit of resolution in optical microscopy; virus particles or proteins can now be resolved in a cell using fluorescent imaging. The work has particular significance for the study of Huntington’s.

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Blog: Vaccine Eggs

With flu season approaching, it’s worth noting that the annual ounce of prevention we all should be rolling up our sleeves for, began with SPF chicken embryos for influenza vaccine seed production.

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