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Blog: Cancer Vigilantes

A recent cancer symposium on new approaches in drug discovery reflects the paradigm shift in how we view this leading killer.

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Blog: Experts Talk Mice

In a recent feature in GEN, Charles River’s Joseph Cornicelli and six other experts weigh in on what makes a good mouse model.

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Blog: The Ultimate Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice bucket challenge heard round the world has helped raise awareness and over US$110 million (by last count) for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research. The bigger challenge will be finding more effective treatments, a cure or a way to prevent this complex neurodegenerative disorder.

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Blog: About those Obesity Studies...

Joseph Cornicelli, a Scientific Advisor for Charles River Discovery Services in the areas of inflammation, and metabolic and cardiovascular diseases (and a frequent Eureka blogger) weighs in on recent data that appear to dampen the health risks of obesity. His post appeared on the popular blog site Science 2.0.

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Blog: In Nanoscopic Detail

The Nobel Prize for Chemistry recognized three scientists this week for surpassing the perceived theoretical limit of resolution in optical microscopy; virus particles or proteins can now be resolved in a cell using fluorescent imaging. The work has particular significance for the study of Huntington’s.

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