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Blog: A Step-Wise Route to Protein Purification

In the old days, identifying and assessing biologics for host cell proteins employed less sensitive approaches like chromatographic methods and total protein stains. But as the biologics field matures, these techniques have given way to more customized approaches.

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Video Blog: SOT 2014: Stem Cell Fever

Watch our video blog from the 2014 Society of Toxicology Meeting to hear what Charles River scientists and experts on the subject, Shawna Jackman and Doug Learn, have to say about stem cells.

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Blog: Tidying Up the Biologic

One of the biggest challenges in making biologics is flagging unwanted host cell proteins (HCPs) that inevitably show up in the finished product like ants at a picnic. But U.S. and European draft standards, which are due sometime this year,  are expected to address some of these concerns.

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Blog: Dusting for Pathogens

Air exhaust testing has the potential of replacing some, if not all, of the routine health monitoring that has traditionally relied on sentinel mice.

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Video Blog: SOT 2014: It All Comes Back to the Bones

Check out our latest Eureka video blog to find out what Charles River scientists and bone research experts, Susan Smith, Rana Samadfam and Aurore Varela consider some of the hot bone topics this year at SOT.

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Blog: Eavesdropping on Muscle-Bone Crosstalk

Muscle and bone, the largest tissues in healthy humans, share a close anatomical and functional relationship, with evidence showing crosstalk occurs even before birth and continues through life. Translating this “chatter” may allow us to one day treat osteoporosis and muscle loss together.

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