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Blog: Ebola’s Collateral Damage

A Huffington Post commentary about the escalating Ebola crisis in West Africa notes the full extent of the outbreak’s damage will be hard to measure. Unlike the fairly precise death data being collected and reported on Ebola, data on other diseases – from malaria to diarrheal disease and tuberculosis—are outdated and imprecise.

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Blog: Diabetes Complications: CVS Disease

Novel therapies are helping reduce the rate of cardiovascular diseases related to diabetes, but there is a need to de-risk these agents before they reach the clinic. The Diabetes Complications Consortium, set up to share data on phenotypic mouse models, is trying to help researchers meet that goal.

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Blog: High-Value Pathology

Regulatory requirements for preclinical safety and efficacy studies of cellular therapeutic agents tend to be more fluid than those for standard toxicology studies. Here are five tips that can help make the process more efficient.

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Blog: Diabetes Complications: A Long and Lethal List

To say that diabetes is a public health problem is an understatement. Virtually all organ systems are impaired in the face of diabetes. There is no doubt we have made inroads into treating the many complications of diabetes, but as this first in our four-part Eureka series points out, there is also a lot of room for improvement.

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Blog: Diabetes Complications: Retinal Disease

Diabetic retinopathy, a disease of the retinal blood vessels, is a leading cause of blindness in North America. Fortunately, advances in technology are giving researchers better tools to evaluate the condition in animal models. The second in a series on diabetes complications.

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Blog: On the Trail of Ebola

As the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to spread, finding effective treatments and a vaccine has become an urgent public health priority. The California scientist heading up a new consortium created to fight Ebola talks about some of the progress researchers have made in cracking the virus.

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