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Blog: Sowing the Seeds of Food Safety

From aquaculture to degradation during cooking and food processing, recent changes in European Union regulations have made the approval process for agrochemicals more stringent than ever.

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Blog: The Heart of the Matter

By July 2015, regulators hope to swap the QT test for a 21st century initiative that represents the cutting edge of cardiac safety assessment of novel drugs. Will the platform be ready by the proposed deadline?

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Blog: Brain Trust

A major gift along with groundbreaking work by a psychiatric genomics group have lit a fire under the struggling field of schizophrenia research.

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Blog: Preserving the Role of an Ancient Mariner

Horseshoe crabs are over 450 million years old. They are also vital to modern-day science. In this Charles River podcast, learn about some of the earliest works undertaken in South Carolina to conserve these sea creatures, and how it benefits us.

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Blog: The Deadly Ebola Virus

Here are some excerpts and an excellent listserve of relevant articles from the group Americans for Medical Progress about the animal research associated with the hunt for an effective drug to treat the deadly Ebola virus.

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Blog: Going for the Gut

With rapidly declining prices for full sequencing we are reaching a state where, without additional cost, it is now possible to replace bacteriological screenings of little customer relevance with screenings of high value for the animal user.

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Blog: The Rap on Pap Tests

If you have at least a CIN 2—a moderate to severe dysplasia that can progress to cancer in 20% of women—the probability that a single Pap test will pick up the lesion is only 53%. In other words, 47% of these cervical cancer lesions will be missed. A recently approved tool can improve the odds for high-risk women, but making it available is easier said than done.

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