European Microbiology Conference 2016

May 11 - 12 2016

This event will cover ongoing regulatory requirements, the development of microbiological methods for quality and process control, and recent issues in microbial contamination control.

2016 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference

May 16 - 18 2016

The 2016 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference will offer an integrated program to examine both theory and application from multiple perspectives, including discovery, development, engineering and regulatory aspects

SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting

May 22 - 26 2016

The SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting is Europe's only dedicated congress integrating environmental toxicology and chemistry.

Chemspec Europe 2016

Jun 01 - 02 2016

Chemspec Europe 2016 will bring together suppliers and purchasers looking for bespoke products or specific substances to enhance a product/drug or develop new chemical solutions.

13th FELASA Congress

Jun 13 - 16 2016

The 13th FELASA Congress will focus on the societal significance of research for the quality of life of both animals and people, and the protection of the environment and ecosystems.

15th Annual World Preclinical Congress

Jun 14 - 17 2016

The World Preclinical Congress (WPC) will focus on preclinical research, but also highlight the challenges and opportunities in early drug discovery and development.

Ion Channel Modulation Symposium

Jun 16 - 17 2016

The Ion Channel Modulation Symposium (ICMS2016) will be a two-day educational forum for discussing the latest research and tools for this important target class.

Informa Viral Safety Conference

Jun 21 - 22 2016

The Informa Viral Safety conference connects regulatory authorities and viral safety experts from recombinant vaccines and plasma industries.