European Teratology Society 43rd Annual Meeting

Aug 30 - Sep 03 2015

The ETS 43rd Annual Meeting will address key topics, including transgenic animal models and their use in DART testing as well as contemporary research on inflammation during pregnancy and its effects on fetal development and health.

2015 Bacterial Endotoxin Summit

Sep 14 - 15 2015

The 2015 Bacterial Endotoxin Summit (BES) is the 10th annual meeting devoted to the dissemination of non-commercial, scientific information on various topics of interest to scientists interested in endotoxin testing.

Contract Pharma Contracting and Outsourcing Conference

Sep 17 - 18 2015

Contract ​​Pharma ​​magazine ​​announces ​​its ​​14th ​​Annual ​​Contracting ​​& ​​Outsourcing ​​Conference ​​& ​​Tabletop ​​Exhibition, ​​devoted ​​to ​​outsourcing ​​in ​​the ​​pharma ​​and ​​biopharmaceutical ​​industries.

BEBPA Annual Bioassays Conference

Sep 23 - 25 2015

This year’s BEBPA Annual Bioassays Conference will centre around the details of emerging new bioassay development tools.

Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting

Sep 28 - Oct 01 2015

This event is one of the best forums for international "best practice sharing" within the pharmaceutical industry and offers a comprehensive program of continuing education courses to accommodate both newcomers to the field as well as those with experience in advanced courses.

EVER 2015 Congress

Oct 07 - 10 2015

The EVER 2015 congress, which is attended by delegates from all over the world, will host central events, including special interest symposia and keynote lectures with prominent speakers.

CPhI Worldwide

Oct 13 - 15 2015

The CPhI Worldwide conference will allow attendees to meet face-to-face with international pharmaceutical companies, stay informed about the latest industry trends and remain one step ahead of a constantly changing pharmaceutical market.

PharmaLab 2015

Nov 10 - 11 2015

PharmaLab 2015 will provide current developments of laboratory methods as well as the current status of the regulatory requirements of the Pharmacopeias.

European Bioanalysis Forum Open Meeting

Nov 18 - 20 2015

Charles River is pleased to participate in the upcoming European Bioanalysis Forum 8th Open Meeting as a gold sponsor in conjunction with an exhibit and program participation.