13th Annual Ion Channel Retreat

Jul 07 - 09 2015

The 13th Annual Ion Channel Retreat will explore the structure and function of ion channels and discuss the roles of ion channels in pain and infectious diseases as well as the importance of ion channels in cardiac safety.

12th ISOPT Clinical Conference

Jul 09 - 12 2015

ISOPT Clinical is an international ophthalmology conference that centers on increasing the knowledge and awareness of drug use in ophthalmology.

16th Annual Land O'Lakes Bioanalytical Conference

Jul 13 - 16 2015

The 16th Annual Land O'Lakes Bioanalytical Conference will provide an educational forum to discuss issues and applications associated with the analysis of xenobiotics and their metabolites as well as endogenous biomarkers in biological matrices.

xCELLigence Cardio Symposium

Jul 17 - 18 2015

The xCELLigence Cardio Syposium will highlight the latest technologies and the elevated role of cardiomyocytes in cardiac safety assessment.

Tumor Models Boston

Jul 21 - 23 2015

Tumor Models Boston brings the preclinical oncology community together to uncover emerging next-generation models and enhance preclinical strategies.

7th Annual Bioprocessing Summit

Aug 03 - 07 2015

The 7th Annual Bioprocessing Summit will provide practical details in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere that promotes information exchange and networking.

Contract Pharma Contracting and Outsourcing Conference

Sep 17 - 18 2015

Contract ​​Pharma ​​magazine ​​announces ​​its ​​14th ​​Annual ​​Contracting ​​& ​​Outsourcing ​​Conference ​​& ​​Tabletop ​​Exhibition, ​​devoted ​​to ​​outsourcing ​​in ​​the ​​pharma ​​and ​​biopharmaceutical ​​industries.

BEBPA Annual Bioassays Conference

Sep 23 - 25 2015

This year’s BEBPA Annual Bioassays Conference will centre around the details of emerging new bioassay development tools.

EVER 2015 Congress

Oct 07 - 10 2015

The EVER 2015 congress, which is attended by delegates from all over the world, will host central events, including special interest symposia and keynote lectures with prominent speakers.