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Acquisition Enhances Ion Channel Discovery Services


Charles River is pleased to announce the acquisition of ChanTest, a market leader in ion channel testing. The addition of this world-class organization to our Discovery Services portfolio broadens our existing discovery-focused ion channel capabilities, enhancing our ability to support our clients’ target discovery and lead optimization efforts.

Multiplexing - Get More Value from Your Samples


Multiplex assays offer several advantages that make them a sought after technology to increase efficiency in the lab and get the most information out of each sample taken. Charles River has validated several biomarker multiplexed assays and is in the process of qualifying and validating more.

Minipig Strains and the Emergence of the Göttingen Minipig


ICH guidelines require the use of two species in nonclinical studies for pharmaceuticals; one rodent and one nonrodent species. With many anatomical, physiological and functional similarities to humans, the miniature pig (minipig, Sus scrofa) has become a viable alternative nonrodent animal model in nonclinical safety testing.

Disinfectant Qualification Studies: Don’t Wait


Regulatory authorities are increasingly focused on this area and have specific guidelines outlining procedures and qualifications that should be performed when evaluating the efficacy of disinfectants in sterile facilities.

2014 SoftFocus® Compound Libraries


For 15 years, SoftFocus compound libraries have pioneered the field of rationally designed focused libraries, with a new range of novel libraries designed and released each year. We are pleased to announce the completion of the 2014 collection, comprising over 30 libraries.

Expanded Immunology Services


Our Edinburgh site has just moved its cell-based assay work into new laboratory facilities and has been developing new approaches in neutralizing antibody (NAb) and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) assays.

Translational Asthma In Vivo Models


With the acquisition of Argenta earlier this year, Charles River's asthma expertise and portfolio has expanded to include unique models that reflect the clinical setting.

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