Charles River Laboratories Acquires Oncotest GmbH

Nov 19 2015

Oncotest specializes in oncology drug discovery studies, drawing on a portfolio that includes in vivo and in vitro (2D and 3D) patient-derived xenograft (PDX) tumor models and cell lines backed by state-of-the-art bioinformatics. Founded by Dr. Heinz-Herbert Fiebig, based on his pioneering work with PDX models to advance oncology drug discovery, Oncotest has collected and characterized more than 400 PDX tumor models with supporting molecular data. These supporting data are important in guiding selection of the appropriate PDX tumor models when designing a study and contributing to a better understanding of study outcomes, including the mechanisms of drug sensitivity. Additionally, the bioinformatics expertise Oncotest brings will allow us to provide our study partners with rich, detailed analysis to help predict relevant biomarkers and gene signatures.

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Integrated with our broader portfolio of human xenografts, syngeneic and humanized immunotherapy research models, flow cytometry and IVIS® imaging services, the acquisition enhances our comprehensive and translational portfolio of oncology discovery services in the early-stage CRO industry.

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