New Executive Director of Global Safety Pharmacology

Mar 13 2017

Brian RocheDr. Brian Roche, a dual-boarded toxicologist (DABT) and safety pharmacologist (DSP), has recently been appointed to the new role of executive director of global safety pharmacology at Charles River. In this role, Dr. Roche will have responsibility for our global safety pharmacology portfolio, which includes aligning best practices across sites and providing the highest level of scientific support to our partners.

Dr. Roche commented, “I am pleased to accept this position and look forward to working with the Charles River community across the globe to provide quality science and innovative safety pharmacology approaches to our partners, guiding them in their journey to bring new medicines to the patients who need them.”

Dr. Roche received his doctorate in cardiovascular physiology from The Ohio State University in 2000, where he continued as a postdoctoral fellow until 2002. Dr. Roche worked in safety pharmacology at Quintiles QTest Labs and Battelle Memorial Institute before accepting the director of safety pharmacology position at WIL Research in 2014. Following the 2016 acquisition of WIL Research by Charles River, Dr. Roche has contributed to the scientific collaboration and establishment of best practices across our safety pharmacology sites.

Throughout his career, Dr. Roche has focused on mechanistic follow-up studies to ICH S7A core battery to de-risk drugs in development, as well as supplemental studies to include renal, gastrointestinal and autonomic nervous systems. His research has included toxicological and pharmacological evaluations of compounds from early in vivo discovery/lead optimization through IND enabling studies. Dr. Roche’s extensive experience in cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous system safety pharmacology research provides him with a unique ability to support both alignment of best practices and scientific innovation.

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