Ireland Site Receives AAALAC Accreditation

May 15 2017

Proudly an AAALAC international accredited program sealIn keeping with Charles River’s ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards in animal welfare, our Ballina site has applied for and earned AAALAC accreditation. This accreditation is voluntary and demonstrates our dedication to the responsible and humane treatment of animals in science.

Charles River’s Ballina site supports in vivo potency and biosafety testing along with microbiology studies, including disinfectant efficacy, bioburden, sterility, and MAT and pyrogen testing. Ballina is also a center of excellence for vaccines, with immunogenicity, immunopotency, in vivo stability, and bacterial, viral, and anti-infective challenge study capabilities.

Charles River’s Humane Care Initiative is directed by our Animal Welfare and Training Group, which consists of professionals committed to animal welfare with expertise in laboratory animal medicine and science, training and ethics. This initiative includes establishing industry best practices and providing education and training to heighten awareness of the importance of humane care. Through an in-depth evaluation of our Ballina facility, the AAALAC accreditation ensures compliance to accepted guidances for the care and use of laboratory animals.

Visit our facility webpage to learn more about Ballina and the other Biologics testing sites. If you would like to inquire about placing a study or have other questions, you can contact us at

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