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Promises, Promises, and Cell Lines


Cell line authentication provides a serious solution to the problem of irreproducibility in clinical trials. So then why isn’t it being widely implemented? GEN discusses.

Optimizing Your ADME/Tox Operations


ADME/Tox activities play a key role in improving early-stage drug screening. Charles River’s Steven Bulera discusses some of best emerging practices in toxicology in GEN.

Complex Biology in the Blink of an Assay


New strategies and methodologies in contemporary assay development include the creation of 3D models that more accurately capture cellular microenvironments; the use of primary cells to accomplish phenotypic modeling; the engineering of responsive, division-arrested cells; and the targeting of specific cellular pathways.

Spying on the Bugs


Few of us would ever get a vaccination or unseal a bottle of contact solution if we thought it was contaminated, so responsible manufacturers devote considerable resources making sure bacteria and fungi don’t end up in the supply chain.

CRL Expands EMD Biz with Celsis Acquisition


Contract Pharma discusses the strategy behind the acquisition of Celsis International and the increasingly important area of quality control testing with Foster T. Jordan, corporate senior vice president, endotoxin and microbial detection, Charles River Laboratories.

Charles River buys Celsis for $212M


The acquisition of Celsis International Ltd. complements Charles River Endotoxin and Microbial Detection’s (EMD) position as a leading provider of rapid endotoxin testing and bacterial identification for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and creates the most comprehensive solution for rapid quality control testing of biopharmaceutical and consumer products.

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