Regulatory & Customized Training

Whether your biomedical research is conducted in a commercial, academic or government setting, a highly trained staff is an integral component to its success. To help you develop and maintain that level of expertise, Charles River offers both didactic and hands-on instruction in actual and simulated research environments. Our dedicated 9,000-square-foot facility near Washington, D.C., emulates many common functional areas in animal research facilities and provides diverse technical, scientific and management courses supporting biomedical research.

Our capabilities and support services include:

  • Training needs assessment/program overview
  • New employee orientation/on-boarding
  • Occupational health and safety (classroom and distance learning modules to meet OSHA compliance requirements)
  • Basic skills competency (cage wash, animal care, veterinary/research technicians, supervisors)
  • Advanced skills competency (biomethodology workshops, surgery/anesthesia, biocontainment, GLP-compliant research)
  • Personal and professional development (leadership development, AALAS certification exam prep, soft skills development)
  • Training documentation and recordkeeping (standardized forms and processes)

With the addition of Bioscientific Events, Charles River is now also able to offer accredited training courses for those who wish to apply for a project licence or personal licence under the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. Together with Bioscientific Events, Charles River has trained more licensees and NACWOs than any other company in the UK.