The ZDF Rat as a Model of Type 2 Diabetes

Jun 19 2014


The incidence of obesity and diabetes is reaching near epidemic proportions worldwide. Studies in appropriate animal models are very important in order to gain a better understanding of these diseases. Historically, rodents have been a mainstay of diabetes research. Various mouse and rat models have been found to mimic different aspects of obesity and obesity-driven diabetes. The ZDF rat is one such model. Because it is obese, hyperinsulinemic and develops diet-dependent diabetes, the ZDF rat embodies many of the facets of human disease. This webinar explores the development of the diabetic phenotype in the ZDF rat. We also demonstrate the effects of standard anti-diabetic treatments on glucose homeostasis and relevant biomarkers, as well as the effect of varying fasting times on glucose disposal.


  • Erik Rocheford, Study Director, Discovery Research Services

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