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Outsourced doesn't have to mean out of reach. Our customer portals ensure a secure platform for convenient connection to on-site activities at Charles River. Whether you're looking for diagnostic test results, study data or a Charles River webinar related to your research, you'll find access to it all using the customer portals below. Select a portal to login.

The Source »
Unlock exclusive content, including information on large animal models, neonatal and juvenile toxicology, historical control data, webinars, scientific posters, presentations and videos, on The Source.

Access updated and verified data on your discovery program with our proprietary and secure online system.

mycharlesriver logoMyCHARLESRIVER »
mypreclinical, mybiologics and myclinical are now mycharlesriver. The new portal provides secure access to data for discovery, development and testing programs. The portal features a customizable dashboard where clients can review important study information such as forms and reports.

Scientist pipetting in PCR laboratoryLaboratory Testing Management (LTM™) »
LTM™ centralizes your health surveillance, biomarker and genetic testing programs into one virtual location, delivering efficiencies from request to results.

Internet Colony Management (ICM™) »
ICM™ grants you access to your project goals, colony details, health reports, shipment history and a complete record of any tasks you have requested.

Endosafe® Customer Web Portal »
Easily access and download Endosafe® certificates of analysis, material safety data sheets, package inserts and warranty forms.

Accugenix® Web Portal »
Submit samples and data files, check the status of your samples, download test results and review invoices for your microbial identification projects.

Celsis Advance System My Celsis »
Access the Celsis® information you need, anytime you want. See your system information and serial number, access your reagent kit inserts, download user guides, consult operator manuals, review and download SDS and print quick reference guides.