Reduce costs in your supply chain with the proven, lean quality solution used by top brands to release raw materials, in-process goods and finished products from micro hold in as few as 18–24 hours. If the products you manufacture are typically free of bioburden, implementing Celsis® will enable you to increase working capital, improve market and customer responsiveness, get earlier notice in the event of a contamination and more.

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    Shorten product hold times and cut inventory down to size. Your savings will add up quickly.

    A Celsis® system can provide accurate micro results in 18–24 hours, cutting days from your production cycle and helping to significantly reduce costs—without sacrificing quality.

    By confirming product quality significantly faster than traditional methods, product moves more quickly and efficiently into distribution. In the event of a contamination, you can accelerate corrective action and get back on track sooner.

    Shorter cycle times typically result in savings of more than $500,000 for an average plant in the first 5 years.

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Products & Services

    Liquids. Gel. Paste. Mascara. Powders. Wipes. Organic ingredients. Only Celsis® can test them all, and in 18-24 hours.

    With our exclusive Amplified-ATP technology, you get the sensitivity and viability detection of ATP bioluminescence, but amplified for 50% faster detection. Even for slow-growing mold.

    Celsis® reagents successfully screen for the presence of bacteria and fungi in a wide variety of product types, including:

    • Laundry detergents and fabric enhancers
    • All-purpose household cleaners, including hard and specialty surface products
    • Household cleaning wipes
    • Hair care and styling products
    • Oral care, including mouthwashes
    • Body and face washes, creams and lotions, including active ingredients
    • Color cosmetics, including liquids, creams, powders and serums
    • Eye makeup, including mascara
    • Sun care products, including SPF sunscreens
    • Raw material and in-process testing

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Products & Services

    Celsis® systems meet the needs of today’s manufacturers for fast, efficient and safe product release.

    From screening raw materials and work-in-process inventory to releasing finished goods, the Celsis® Advance II™ and Celsis® Accel® systems are a great fit for home and beauty products where microbial contamination is an unexpected event.

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Products & Services

    Validation and global support included with every Celsis® system.

    With more than 100 million assays already run on our systems, chances are most of the products you manufacture have already been validated with Celsis®. If not, our globally available support teams can assist you with your validation needs. Validation support options include:

    • Instrument and software installation qualification and operation qualification
    • A step-by-step validation guide
    • Access to My Celsis, your 24/7 online customer portal for technical documentation, manuals, MSDS, training tools and FAQs
    • The initiation of validation with a focus on sample effects, spiking studies and parallel testing/equivalency studies

Products & Services

    Monitor your facility and products against bacterial contamination.

    Data gathered from a well-designed and executed environmental monitoring (EM) program provide critical information for tracking and trending on a routine basis. Accurate and consistent species-level identifications result in more confidence in the control of your environment.