Virtual 5k Fundraiser

running sneakers on pavementEach year, the AALAS National Meeting provides a tremendous opportunity for us to help raise funds and bring awareness to the amazing work the AALAS Foundation does advocating for lab animal science and research. This year, attendees can take part in the virtual 5k to support the AALAS Foundation. Pedometers can be picked up at either of the AALAS Foundation or Charles River booths. Simply stop by our booth daily and log your steps. Along with the fundraising efforts for the Foundation, we will hold a separate competition between the AALAS districts.

As size and stride length determines the number of steps in a 5k, we are setting the bar at 5,000 steps for this event. Every time your pedometer hits 5,000 steps during the week, that’s $10 donated to the foundation. Want to have even more fun? How about an internal competition between regional AALAS districts? When you sign up for the 5k we will ask what district/branch you represent. The individual that has the most overall steps during the meeting will receive $1,000 towards their regional branch activities.

Since you’re going to walk around anyway, why not make each step count even more? Register at booth 729 today and urge your other branch members to do so as well.