Tuesday, 20 June 2017

8:00-9:00 Registration and Breakfast

9:00-9:10 Welcome and Opening Remarks
George McAllister, Senior Director, Discovery – Charles River

Session 1: Advantages of a Translational Approach

9:10-9:45 Tagrisso (Osimertinib): The Journey of Discovery
Jonathan Orme, BSc, Associate Principal Scientist – AstraZeneca

9:45-10:20 Optimization of Potent and Selective ATM Inhibitors Suitable for a Proof-of-Concept Study in HD Models
Perla Breccia, PhD, Team Leader, Medicinal Chemistry – Charles River

10:20-10:50 Networking Refreshment Break

10:50-11:25 Phenotypic Activity Driven Target Identification
Professor Paul Wyatt, PhD, FRSE, Head of Drug Discovery Unit, Director of the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research – University of Dundee

11:25-11:45 Panel Discussion
Moderator: George McAllister | Panelists: Perla Breccia, Tim Harrison, Jonathan Orme, Martin O'Rourke, and Paul Wyatt

Keynote Address

11:45-12:30 Fortune Favours the Prepared Mind – The XO1 Story
Moderator: Jim Huntington, PhD, Professor of Haemostasis – University of Cambridge

12:30-13:40 Lunch

Session 2: Recent Developments and Future Directions

13:40-14:15 RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9 Based In Vivo Models for Drug Discovery
Prem K. Premsrirut, MD, PhD, Founder, Chief Executive Officer – Mirimus

14:15-14:50 “Click and Play” Protein Degradation and Chemical Biology in Cells
Christopher N. Johnson, PhD, Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry – Astex Pharmaceuticals

14:50-15:20 Networking Refreshment Break

15:20-15:55 Improving Target Identification and Prioritisation through Open Targets: An Integrated Programme of Experiments and Bioinformatics
Ian Dunham, PhD, Scientific Director – Open Targets

15:55-16:30 Ventures into New Target Space: Drugging the DUB’s
Tim Harrison, PhD, Vice President, Drug Discovery – Almac Discovery

16:30-16:50 Panel Discussion
Moderator: George McAllister | Panelists: Jamil Aarbiou, Ian Dunham, Jim Huntington, Christopher Johnson, and Prem K. Premsrirut

16:50-17:00 Closing Remarks
David Fischer, PhD, Executive Director, Biology DMPK – Charles River