Received by NCI in 1995. The strain was developed by Dr. Jack Stimpfling in the laboratory of Dr. George Snell at The Jackson Laboratory in the 1950’s and transferred to Dr. Ron Schwartz at NIAID in 1975 from the Stimpfling colony maintained at the McLaughlin Research Institute at Great Falls, MT. Genetically similar to the Black 10 strain except that it carries the a MHC haplotype and the a allele of the T18 histocompatability antigen from the A/WySnSg strain. The cell surface MHC molecules carried by this line are necessary for T cell receptor recognition of certain antigens such as pigeon cytochrome c. To Charles River in 2014.

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MHC Haplotype


Ideal For:

Immunology, inflammation

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This model is cryopreserved.

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