p110delta PI3K-D910A (kinase-dead) mice were created by The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and Edinburgh University

Coat Color


Ideal For:

Immunity, autoimmunity, B&T cell function, allergy

Strain Code:

This model is cryopreserved.


  • Okkenhaug K, Bilancio A, Farjot G, Priddle H, Sancho S, Peskett E, Pearce W, Meek SE, Salpekar A, Waterfield MD, Smith AJ, Vanhaesebroeck B. Impaired B and T cell antigen receptor signalling in p110delta PI 3-kinase mutant mice. Science. 2002 Aug 9;297(5583):1031-4).

Note: This model is also available on a B6 background.

For more information about the p110delta PI3K-D910A (BALB/c) mouse, please contact us at askcharlesriver@crl.com.