Expression Testing

Expression profiling data has proven useful in safety lead optimization and dose-limited toxicity studies, yielding insights sometimes not gleaned from traditional methods. Charles River offers low- and mid-density mouse and rat gene expression testing using pre-validated TaqMan® gene expression assays from Life Technologies.

Samples are tested in duplicate along with the endogenous control (18sRNA). ∆Ct values are calculated from the average target Ct values and the average endogenous Ct values. ∆∆Ct values are derived by using a known untreated or control for respective genes. Final relative quantitation (RQ) values are derived from ∆∆Ct values using the formula 2^-∆∆Ct. The RQ values represent the up or down regulation of gene expression in the sample relative to the control. 

  • Quantify the effect of RNA-mediated gene knockdown
  • Confirm data for individual or multiple genes
  • Measure steady-state level of mRNA expression from a transgene or knockout construct

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