Cell Line/Research Biologics Screening

Research biologics of rodent or human origin are often introduced into research animals as part of an investigative procedure. Precautionary screening should be performed to confirm that biologics are free of infectious agents and are originating from the appropriate host species.

Rodent and Human Infectious Agents

CLEAR for Interspecies Contamination

  • Check the identity of your cell lines with Cell Line Examination and Report (CLEAR) PCR Panel
  • Detect interspecies contamination of less than 0.5%. Cells that can be differentiated include those originating from mouse, rat, Chinese hamster, Golden Syrian hamster, human and nonhuman primate (NHP) species

PCR Technology

Commonly Screened Biologics

  • Cell lines — primary and continuous
  • Cell line products, such as basement membrane matrix proteins
  • Feeder cells (e.g., splenocytes and thymocytes)
  • Ascites
  • Purified antibodies

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