HemaTIP™ Microsampler

HemaTIP™ MicrosamplerCollecting blood from research animals can be a challenging process that leads to increased stress in your animal. Exclusive to Charles River, our HemaTIP™ microsampler simplifies this process by placing the collection media on the tip of an easy-to-hold stylus. When compared to existing blood sampling methods, HemaTIP™ was found to be easier to use and less invasive.

This versatile approach allows you to utilize one sampling method for a range of species housed in your vivarium. Ready for a more efficient way to collect blood?

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  • Range: Charles River has qualified HemaTIP™ to be used on mouse and rat species.
  • Speed: The tip only needs to touch the blood, and its super absorptive matrix media wicks a sample in 3–6 seconds.
  • Accuracy: The matrix media is engineered to wick exactly 20μl of blood, sufficient for preliminary and confirmatory serology testing.
  • Minimal stress: Your research model only needs to be restrained for the time it takes to collect a blood sample thus minimizing the time your model is out of its comfort zone.

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