PCR Infectious Agent Testing

Charles River provides TaqMan® PCR testing to identify viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic agents in your animal colonies. Services are available for screening colony animals directly, for screening indirectly via environmental sampling or exhaust air dust (EAD™) testing, and for screening cell lines and research biologics.

PCR assays are available as panels that cover all commonly excluded or reported pathogens. However, panel customization and single agent testing are available.

Common applications include:

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This service detects viruses, bacteria and parasites by screening ventilated caging system.

Mouse/Rat EAD™

  • Environmental Prevalent PRIA®
  • Environmental Surveillance Plus PRIA®
  • Environmental Complete Mouse/Rat PRIA®
  • Custom Environmental PRIA®
  • Single Agent Test (Individual or Add-on)

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