Transgenic Mouse & Rat Model Creation

Charles River helps clients select, customize, create and maintain the right model for their studies using the latest technologies. Our expert staff can work with you from concept to model creation to deliver the research animals you require for your studies.

Model Creation Services Discount

Take 20% off our list prices on all mouse model creation services through 12/31/17.*

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Through partnerships with genomics industry leaders, our combined expertise provides an optimum environment for generating, characterising, preserving and distributing your transgenic lines.

Our global service offering includes:

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Cryopreserve embryos and sperm

Our project initiation specialists and embryologists will work closely with you to determine the cryopreservation program that best fits your needs.

isolator housing for laboratory animals

House my animals off-site

Seamless communication with your Charles River project management team via ICM™ gives you as much control over the animals in our care as you have over those in your on-site vivarium.