Microbial & Mammalian Cell Line Characterization

Charles River can advise you in the design and execution of a complete testing program for your mammalian, insect, avian and stem cell or microbial cell line that is customized to meet your exact specifications and is compliant with international regulatory guidelines.

Find out more about what characterization assays you should be including in your testing plans »

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NGS and Viral Safety Programs

Have questions about Next Generation Sequencing and how it can be incorporated into a viral safety program? So did we. Listen to this webinar replay to get answers from our partner, PathoQuest.

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The preparation of a cell bank is a crucial part of the development process, and its timing helps you to book CMO slots amongst other activities. Use our new cell bank timeline generator to plan your research cell bank submission so your bank is released when you need it.

PathoQuest Partnership

Charles River's partnership with PathoQuest allows us to offer clients next-generation sequencing (NGS) services for their viral safety testing needs.