Pyrogen Testing

In addition to services in biological testing and quality control, Charles River offers rabbit pyrogen testing according to GMP standards. In this assay, the body temperatures of a sampling of rabbits are measured over a period of time following exposure to a test article. An elevated temperature in the rabbits indicates the presence of pyrogenic compounds within the test article.

In vivo pyrogen tests are carried out on specific pathogen-free (SPF) rabbits. Testing is available at multiple facilities and can be performed according to USP<151>, EP 2.6.8 and JP 4.04 for release into the United States, Europe and Japan. With over 30 years of experience, Charles River performs more than 2,500 rabbit pyrogen tests per year and is able to provide results 7-10 days after sample receipt.

Charles River is also able to provide in vitro testing for pyrogens and endotoxins. Learn more »

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