Protein Characterization

At Charles River, we have the technologies and instrumentation to support your research through all phases of development, from Pre-IND to BLA. As an advanced analytical laboratory, we serve clients who require expertise in recombinant glycoprotein and complex biologics characterization services. We specialize in a broad range of analytical testing techniques to support characterization and development of both recombinant protein and peptide therapeutics. Our team of experts, complemented by our cutting-edge technology, supports our clients while upholding the highest standards of quality, technical analysis, and reporting.

Protein Chemistry and Analytical Services Datasheet Protein Chemistry & Analytical Services
This datasheet provides an overview of Charles River's extensive areas of protein chemistry and analytical expertise and its comprehensive list of services.
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Protein Characterization through Development

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Phase II / III Manufacturing Comparability and Late Stage Clinical Program Support

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Mass Spectrometry

We are able to help clients with structural characterization of many types of large molecule products, including biosimilars.

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Antibody-Drug Conjugates

With a complete set of analytical solutions, we are the optimal partner for ADC and other drug conjugate development.

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Biophysical Characterization

These methods examine a product's higher-order structure and ensure a complete product characterization program.

Microscope used for viral safety and viral clearance testing

Reference Standard Characterization

We offer a comprehensive panel of services for the characterization of reference standards.