Protein Glycosylation Characterization

Charles River offers a comprehensive panel of services for the characterization of glycosylation. Services include:

  • LC-MS/MS Peptide Mapping for N- and O-Linked Glycosylation Mapping
  • LC-MS Intact Molecular Weight for Intact Molecule Heterogeneity Analysis
  • N-Linked Glycosylation Population Profile Analysis with Glycan ID via LC-MS/MS
  • O-Linked Glycosylation Population Profile Analysis with Glycan ID via LC-MS
  • Quantitative Sialic Acid Analysis with or without MS Analysis of Sialic Acid Species
  • Quantitative Monosaccharide Analysis
  • Glycan Structural Characterization/Confirmation
  • Glycan Occupancy Determination
  • Capillary Electrophoresis Methods for Glycan Profile
  • Isoform Analysis via cIEF

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