SoftFocus® Subscription Libraries

Our SoftFocus® compound libraries have delivered outstanding success in drug discovery programs. This success originates from a fundamental belief in designing and synthesizing library molecules that are tailored to the biological target or family of interest. Success has been verified by partner feedback and numerous published patents and papers.

Newly designed SoftFocus® libraries are available through a shared exclusivity model, whereby access to each library is restricted to a maximum of 15 partners. For 2014, the libraries are grouped into five modules: epigenetics, GPCR, Kinase, ion channel and PPIs. This allows our partners to subscribe to the modules of most interest.

Key Advantages

  • Novelty – Each library of novel compounds is restricted to a maximum of 15 partners, providing less competition for the generation of intellectual property.
  • Design – Libraries are designed towards the targets of interest and chemotypes selected with the correct vectors to fit the design hypothesis. Key monomers (side chains) are incorporated to produce drug-like compounds.
  • Generation of SAR – Delivers compounds with excellent tractability for lead finding and optimization and considerably reduces subsequent optimization time.
  • Greater coverage of bioactive space – Multiple scaffolds within modules, with a typical library size of ~200 compounds.
  • Quality - High purity, delivered in client-specified formats and synthetic protocols provided to facilitate rapid follow-up of hits.

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