Medicinal Chemistry

Our medicinal chemistry team is among the best in the world, with many of our scientists bringing a wealth of experience from previous employment in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. With our exposure to a wide range of therapeutic areas and collaborative working styles, we are well equipped to drive your program forward. We have an enviable record of delivering over 50 preclinical candidates to our partners, and the strength and consistency of our innovation is exemplified by inventorship on more than 200 patent applications filed by clients.

We provide integrated drug discovery services spanning hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization, all complemented by synthetic, process and scale-up chemistry, computer-aided drug design, structural biology, assay development and screening, and comprehensive ADME and PK profiling.

Key Skills and Experience

  • Problem-solving expertise and creativity
  • Interpretation of biological data
  • Understanding of physicochemical properties
  • Application of compound quality metrics
  • Development of structure-activity relationships
  • Removal of unwanted off-target activities
  • Optimization of ADME, PK and PK/PD profiles
  • Significant experience working across all druggable gene family target classes
  • Ability to execute patenting strategies
  • Broad therapeutic disease area expertise (e.g., respiratory, CNS, oncology, inflammation)
  • Delivery of high-quality preclinical candidates

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