Biochemical to Phenotypic Assay Development

Charles River develops and executes more than 100 assays per year covering an extensive range of target classes. We have broad expertise in developing biochemical and cellular assays for:

  • Ion channels
  • Epigenetic protein targets
  • Kinases
  • G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs)
  • Protein-protein interactions

Beyond the target family expertise, our scientists regularly develop assays for novel modes of actions to address pharmacological relevance.

Clients can access our assay development service or elect to transfer their own validated assays to us. We have developed disease-relevant assays in human primary cells for inflammatory diseases, bone and joint diseases, respiratory diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, obesity and diabetes, as well as oncology.

Key Technology Platforms

  • 96, 384 and 1536 densities
  • Capillary-based and automated pipetting instrumentation
  • Radioisotopic assays
  • Electrophysiology, including automated patch-clamp and conventional techniques
  • Multi-modal fluorescence and luminescence readouts
  • High-content, multi-parametric analysis
  • High-throughput plate imaging
  • Multi-array electrochemiluminescence detection
  • Label-free screening
  • Surface plasmon resonance
  • "Lab on a chip" microfluidic assays
  • Screening under Biosafety Level 2 containment

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