Parkinson's Disease Models

Classical rodent models for Parkinson’s disease, such as 6-OHDA or MPTP lesioning, are standard working tools that offer mechanistic support for therapeutic testing. Charles River has extended these tools further by providing a comprehensive and more readily translatable modeling platform of chemically and biologically induced and genetic models.

We've provided animal models and sample data below, as well as answered some frequently asked questions about Parkinson's disease models. You can also learn more by watching our Parkinson's disease webinar.

Animal Models of Parkinson's Disease

  • 6-OHDA Unilateral Intrastriatal Lesion Model
  • 6-OHDA Medial Forebrain Bundle Model
  • MPTP Lesion Model in Mice
  • A53T Alpha-Synuclein Transgenic Mouse Model
  • AAV - Human A53T Transfection Rat Model

Testing/Validation Data

Click below to see a sample data set.

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