Chronic and acute pain are high-interest areas for novel drug discovery. Analgesics that effectively block acute pain often do not work well for chronic pain management. Despite recent advances, many types of pain are still devoid of effective treatments. Preclinical in vivo and in vitro models are widely used to explore complex pain mechanisms as well as to screen novel therapies for pain.

At Charles River, we have developed validated models for in vitro and in vivo studies along with a comprehensive toolkit, including imaging, translational behavior and fine motor kinematics to accelerate novel therapies to treat acute and chronic pain. We offer comprehensive ion channel panels focused on pain as well as multiple in vivo readouts, including tactile and thermal hyperalgestia, cold allodynia, nocifensive behavior, fine motor kinematics, dynamic weight bearing and kinetic PET imaging.

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We've included a list of our available capabilities and models below, and have answered some frequently asked questions about our pain models.

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