Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease represents the leading cause of death and disability in the Western world. Charles River can help you make remarkable discoveries through innovative target identification and validation, complex in vitro and in vivo pharmacology models, and a strong chemistry and disease biology foundation, all of which assist in translating basic research to clinical reality.

Diabetes Drug Discovery

Your partner through the entire diabetes research process. From discovery through regulatory approval.

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We provide a number of adaptable models for the assessment of agents designed to treat obesity, diabetes and its complications, fatty liver disease, atherosclerosis, vascular inflammation, dyslipidemia and other metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. By providing the appropriate combination of species/strains, agonists and selected analyses of various metabolic indicators, you get the flexibility you need to demonstrate the therapeutic efficacy of your test agents. Our commitment to this area is demonstrated through the broad portfolio of complex, disease-relevant in vitro and in vivo models we characterize and maintain.

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