Novel Biomarker Identification

The identification and use of predictive biomarker assays has become an integral part of the drug discovery and development process. Charles River has broad expertise in biomarker identification and assay development across a range of therapeutic areas, including respiratory disease, oncology, CNS and metabolic diseases.

Capabilities span the identification and validation of biomarkers and the development of quantitative assays in primary cells and disease tissue, pharmacodynamic and disease models, and as efficacy and translational medicine markers in the clinic. Our experience includes the translation of biomarker assays for use in the clinic for several client projects.

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View this webinar for insight into the drug discovery process within pharma and biotech with a focus on target engagement biomarkers.

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  • Proteomic markers
  • Genomic markers
  • Phosphoprotein markers
  • Epigenetic markers
  • MesoScale for multiplexed immunoassay endpoints
  • FACS analysis
  • Mass spectrometry

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Translational Tools

Translational Tools

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Integrated Drug Discovery

We operate as a proactive thinking partner bringing target to clinical candidate capabilities, ideas and solutions to your program.