Inappropriately triggered or incompletely controlled inflammatory responses are a major cause of disease, impaired quality of life and morbidity. The integrated teams at Discovery from Charles River have successfully delivered over two dozen development candidates across multiple target classes with inflammation and immunology indications. Our expertise gives you access to an unparalleled scope of therapeutic area-focused knowledge.

In Vivo Dermal Models for Drug Screening

This webinar presents various in vivo dermal models that mimic different forms of dermatitis.

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Our scientists can help you understand the complex chemical and biological processes of inflammation and assist in the successful progression of your inflammation and immunology research. Innovation and first class science have been proven in key target classes, such as kinases, GPCRs, nuclear receptors, proteases and more.

From target identification to IND, our end-to-end offering makes flexible arrangements possible. Whether you are looking for a fully integrated project led or executed by Charles River scientists or need support on a single research question at the most appropriate point in the discovery phase of your program, we can help. Our focus is to ensure that your strategic goals for new clinical candidates are met on time and in a cost-efficient manner.

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Respiratory Disease In Vivo Models

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Repurposing Drugs for Inflammatory Diseases

Finding new uses for existing drugs or compounds—otherwise known as drug repurposing—is rapidly gaining traction in pharmaceutical, biotech, government and non-profit circles.