Cell Line Generation

Charles River has extensive experience in generating stable cell lines for high-throughput screening and compound profiling. We offer a customized service, starting with stable expression of single proteins through to stable co-expression of multiple protein subunits.

You can also access a range of validated assays, in addition to our assay development and validation service, with expression profile selected to suit specific assay formats.


  • Broad-spectrum molecular biology (gene cloning, mutagenesis, sequencing, vector construction and stable transfection)
  • FACS for assessment of expression levels and enrichment of cell populations
  • Large-scale cryopreservation of your cells (up to 1010 cells)
  • Large-scale transient expression using MaxCyte® STX™ allowing 40 million to 10 billion cells per transfection
  • Development of clonal transfected cell lines stably expressing ion channels and other membrane proteins with constitutive or inducible expression systems
  • Access to Charles River’s extensive portfolio of ion channel and GPCR cell lines
  • Validation of cell lines and assay protocols, including transfer of validated 'screen ready' assays to clients

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