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Environmental monitoring programs demand tracking and trending of the microorganisms found in your facility. The Accugenix® Customer Web Portal offers a secure and powerful data management application that generates reports to meet your compliance needs to monitor the state of control of your manufacturing facility.

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Tracking and Trending is a data management tool to support environmental monitoring programs.

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  • Track microorganisms by their frequency of occurrence
  • Sort by microflora type: bacteria, mold and yeast
  • Track by gram reaction, morphology and/or spore forming capabilities
  • A rolling 90-day dashboard for easy surveillance monitoring
  • Track specific organisms by species or genus name
  • User-defined date ranges and filterable fields for creating customizable reports
  • Ability to upload sample identifications to Laboratory Information Systems, Excel files or PDFs
  • Reports of raw data are provided in graphic charts and spreadsheets
  • Secure user login information and password protection

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