Sample Shipping Procedures

Addresses for Sample Shipment

USA, Canada and Rest of World:

Charles River, USA
614 Interchange Boulevard
Newark, DE 19711 USA

Charles River Endosafe®/Accugenix®
9 Allée Moulin Berger
69130 Ecully

Follow these simple tips to ensure your samples arrive intact and ready to be processed upon arrival at the Charles River Accugenix® laboratory:

  • Ensure that the codes on your samples match the sample identification codes on the Identification Request Form (IRF)
  • Enclose a completed and signed IRF with each shipment
  • Use triple containment with absorbent material when shipping live organisms
  • Pack samples with cushioning material to prevent damage in shipping
  • Ship for overnight delivery or early morning delivery for same-day TAT results
  • We recommend ambient temperature for sample shipment.

Download one of the guides below for detailed instructions for sample shipment.

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