Sample Submission Overview

Follow these 3 simple steps for submitting samples to our Charles River Accugenix® laboratories for accurate, rapid microbial identification and strain typing results.

Addresses for Sample Shipment
Charles River Accugenix®
614 Interchange Boulevard
Newark, DE 19711

Charles River Endosafe®/Accugenix®
9 Allée Moulin Berger
69130 Ecully

Step 1. Sample Preparation
Depending on the testing service required, we have multiple options for preparing your samples. Simply determine the service and preferred method of sample preparation, and our guides will assist you with the process.

Step 2. Completing the Identification Request Form (IRF)
Submit all of your test requests for any of our services directly through our Customer Web Portal. If you would like us to set up a web portal account for you or if you need assistance filling out the forms, please contact Technical Support at 1.800.886.9654 or 1.302.292.8888. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at We are here to help you.

Step 3. Shipping Procedures
We will assist you with packing your samples and shipping them from anywhere in the world. There are detailed guides that also describe handling individual types of sample preparations.

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