AccuPRO-ID® offers a first-in-industry polyphasic approach to microbial identification utilizing proteotypic MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry technology supported by our AccuGENX-ID® sequencing method at no additional cost. The testing process yields a unique protein spectral fingerprint that is then compared to the Accugenix® validated database for identification. The AccuPRO-ID® solution provides higher accuracy rates and faster results, and is a less expensive option for routine monitoring programs.

  • Higher confidence for species-level identifications
  • AccuPRO-ID® identification process is cGMP-compliant
  • Superior performance over existing phenotypic and other MALDI-TOF systems
  • 98% reportable rate
  • Demonstrated improvement in accuracy (30%–40%) over phenotypic ID systems
  • Proven increased reproducibility and repeatability
  • Accugenix® proprietary MALDI-TOF database provides more extensive coverage for EM isolates than any other commercially available MALDI-TOF system

This study assesses the suitability of the Biotyper platform for identifying environmental isolates, demonstrates our systematic approach to broaden the reference library and shows the impact of adding new library entries on reportability for this industrial sector. Read study »

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