Celsis® Microbial Detection

Rapid microbial detection methods (RMMs) enable users to get useful microbiology results in a matter of hours as opposed to the days required for older methods, and as the world’s leading innovator in rapid microbial detection, Celsis® systems are used globally by leading manufacturers in the Pharmaceutical, Home & Beauty, as well as Dairy, Beverage & Food industries.

Celsis® systems deliver quality assurance results in just 18–24 hours, enabling rapid microbial detection to confirm the quality of your product and quickly release to market. This eliminates days from your inventory requirements and production cycle times, reduces warehousing and working capital requirements, and improves your overall profitability through lean manufacturing.

The leader in rapid microbial methods (RMMs), Celsis can help you create a more streamlined, responsive, and lean manufacturing process, driving efficiencies throughout your supply chain and reducing the cost of quality.


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Celsis® Advance II™ System

Celsis® Instruments

Our Celsis® product line has evolved to meet the needs of manufacturers of every size across multiple industries.

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Lean Quality with Celsis®

Optimize your quality system by reducing costs and releasing product faster with a Celsis® rapid micro screening system.

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Learn how Celsis® has been changing the way Pharmaceutical, Home & Beauty and Dairy, Beverage & Food manufacturers are doing business.

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Celsis® Customer Service and Technical Support

Access our technical support team of experts in microbiology, instrumentation and logistics.