Financial Impact Assessment

Could your company save millions?

Find out with a Celsis
® Financial Impact Assessment.

Hundreds of manufacturing facilities worldwide have saved millions of dollars by adopting Celsis® rapid detection systems. The average customer typically saves $500,000 or more in the first five years post-implementation, depending on their industry and testing requirements.

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How does it work?
Using readily available information from your company, Celsis® will help you project the potential cost savings over the next five years, as well as the payback period in months, for implementing a Celsis® rapid detection system at one or multiple plants.

Examples of data that are used to calculate the financial impact include:

  • Cost of capital
  • Average value of daily finished goods
  • Warehouse space used for quarantined products
  • Days products are held for micro testing
  • Number of micro tests performed

The image below shows a sample output graph.

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