Available in multiple sizes to suit every business need and industry, the Celsis® rapid microbial detection platform will transform the way you do business. From small to medium-size Home & Beauty companies, large-scale Pharmaceutical manufacturers, or international Dairy, Beverage & Food manufacturers, we combine industry-leading technology with world-class technical support.

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Celsis Advance IIThe Celsis® Advance II™ is designed to deliver definitive micro results quickly, allowing even the largest Pharmaceutical and Home & Beauty manufacturers to cut days off their production cycles and reduce working capital requirements.

Celsis Accel systemThe Celsis Accel® system takes the robustness and ease of use of the widely adopted Celsis® Advance II™ platform and packages it into a small footprint specifically designed for small and medium-size Pharmaceutical and Home & Beauty product manufacturing facilities.

Celsis Innovate systemThe Celsis Innovate® system delivers quality control results in less than 1 hour following a preliminary incubation period, enabling Dairy, Beverage & Food manufacturers in over 65 countries to rapidly confirm the quality of their product and quickly release them to market.