PTS-Micro™ System

A new method for rapid quantitation of viable microorganisms

The foundation for many pharmaceutical manufacturing processes is the cultivation and introduction of high titers of seed lot cultures into production media. The titers of these microbial suspensions are verified at the point of inoculation using traditional growth-based methods, which deliver measured results in days.

The PTS-Micro™ is a revolutionary rapid enumeration technology that allows for microbial titer verification at the point of use in an intuitive, self-contained system. With results delivered in minutes rather than days, the PTS-Micro™ system is designed to streamline your microbial testing by efficiently and rapidly detecting viable microorganisms in multiple samples simultaneously.

This novel approach to rapid quantitation of viable microorganisms in liquid samples allows for microbial titer verification prior to inoculation. This culture titer verification tool is also useful for antimicrobial effectiveness testing (AET) per USP <51> and disinfectant efficacy testing where high starting titer suspension verification is imperative for assay suitability and valid test results.

Key Benefits of Rapid Micro Methods:

  • Leaner manufacturing processes
  • Make rapid go/no-go decisions

PTS-Micro™ Can Be Used For:

  • Improved process control
  • Enumeration of fermentation seed stocks
  • Process improvements and production support

Capillary Kit (25 μL sample volume):

  • Direct measurement: no concentration
  • Bulk packaging: 50/box
  • Sensitivity dependent on scan volume
  • Defined scan area for fast results


  • Single-use lyophilized dyes that selectively target and differentiate viable from nonviable cells
  • Positive control beads to ensure system is operating properly 

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