Reduce costs and release product faster with Lean Quality.

Process manufacturers have unique challenges when it comes to product quality. Testing for microbial contamination is an important step in assuring product leaves your facility free of unwanted bacteria, yeast and mold. Yet traditional microbiological detection methods take time.

Celsis® rapid micro systems are a lean quality solution that gives Pharmaceutical, Home & Beauty and Dairy, Beverage & Food manufacturers the test results they need to release product quickly. Only Celsis® rapid micro systems have definitive mold detection in 24 hours so you can get products out the door fast.

For 20 years, Celsis® systems have been helping companies worldwide screen product for microbial contamination and implement lean quality control programs. With installations in more than 65 countries and a global network of service and support partners, Celsis® is uniquely qualified to work with companies of all sizes that want to reduce the delays and associated costs of lengthy micro hold times.

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Learn how Celsis® systems deliver quality assurance results in as few as 24 hours.

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