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Celsis® Literature

Celsis® Overview (PDF)
Learn how Celsis® can reduce your cost of quality and increase profitability with the world's best rapid method.

CASE STUDY: Unilever’s Global Roll-out of Celsis® AMPiScreen® brings Expected –
and Unexpected – Benefits (PDF)

With Celsis® rapid detection systems at more than 40 locations around the world, Unilever recently updated and harmonized its rapid screening methods globally to standardize the testing of its Hygiene and Personal Care (HPC) products.

CASE STUDY: A Conversation with Procter & Gamble on Rapid Microbial Methods (PDF)
A far-ranging interview about why and how P&G uses Celsis® rapid detection systems worldwide and how P&G encourages its contract manufacturers to consider rapid screening.

CASE STUDY: How Celsis® Rapid Detection Systems Provide Operational Benefits to Unilever (PDF)
Getting products to market faster than your competitors can be a significant advantage. Unilever was one of the first companies to recognize the economic value of faster product release, and now has nearly 20 years of experience using Celsis®.

CASE STUDY: Amway Cuts Days of Cycle Time, Realizes Unexpected Benefits (PDF)
Learn how implementing a Celsis® system took days off Amway’s cycle times and delivered unexpected benefits, both in lab efficiency and for Amway’s company-wide sustainability program.

CASE STUDY: Celsis® Helps CoValence Laboratories Cut Five Days of Cycle Time (PDF)
Find out how contract manufacturers use Celsis® systems to streamline their manufacturing cycle so their clients can deliver their products to market faster.

Celsis® Reports

Enzyme Technology: Boosting the Benefits of Rapid Microbial Detection (PDF)
Learn the science behind Celsis®' reagent kits that utilize enzymes to amplify the ATP bioluminescence, confirming the absence of microorganisms 50% faster than standard ATP test systems and 80% faster than traditional microbial limits testing.

Clear Path for Regulatory Approval of RMM’s
FDA-focused white paper detailing the current guidelines, regulatory expectations and available support for companies ready to adopt rapid microbiological methods.

Qualifying and Validating the Celsis® Rapid Detection System
An overview of the benefits and considerations of implementing a rapid method and how Celsis® can help your company qualify and validate its products on this system.

Achieving Lean Quality for Food & Beverage Manufacturing Efficiency (PDF)
An in-depth look at how the Celsis® system improves supply chain efficiency in the Dairy, Beverage and Food industries with examples of the variety of products that can be tested.

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