LAL Proficiency Test Program

With over 15 years of experience and more than 400 participating laboratories across 24 countries, the Charles River Proficiency Test Program (PTP) is a quality assurance tool for limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) users that provides confidential quarterly audits of LAL test proficiency. The PTP allows you to verify the accuracy of your LAL results by providing you with a confidential and external quarterly audit of your analysts and to confidentially compare your results to those of other laboratories. It is a mechanism by which a laboratory can demonstrate competence based on practical evaluation of LAL testing and improve procedure and methods when needed.

Using the Endosafe® PTP web interface, we work with you to verify methods, report validations, identify trends and spot possible training needs. The program is open to any LAL user looking to verify working procedures though an external source with no restrictions on methodology, reagents or instrumentation.

  • Satisfy accreditation requirements
  • Improve testing
  • Educate staff
  • Validate methods and procedures
  • Satisfy regulatory bodies
  • Monitor analysis
  • Demonstrate competence
  • Assess performance
  • Compare anonymously with peers
  • Identify problems

More than 400 participating analysts across 24 countries test a blind sample provided by Charles River. After testing is complete, a web interface allows users to submit results directly. The analysts’ methodology, results and report are then examined for accuracy in accordance with EP and USP regulations, and a confidential report is provided back to the laboratory with detailed results from the audit.

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