Endosafe® Nexus™

The Endosafe® Nexus™ is the first fully automated robotic system designed specifically for endotoxin testing in the central QC lab. Ideal for high-volume water testing or samples that require dilutions, the system utilizes proven innovative LAL cartridge technology a state-of-the-art liquid handling system and simple data management software to test 48 to 60 samples with minimal preparation and supervision.

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The system offers the unique opportunity to reduce technician time and maximize lab space while decreasing test variability and the need for subsequent investigations. Once the deck is fully loaded, no supervision is required. The Nexus™ delivers error-free, high-throughput LAL testing in a low-maintenance, flexible, high-precision package.

  • Ramps up efficiency, testing 48-60 samples per run
  • Automates endotoxin testing, freeing up technicians for value-added tasks
  • Uses FDA-licensed LAL cartridges
  • Reduces bacterial endotoxin test variability
  • Tracks and trends results using Nexus™ integrated software
  • Enhances data management with bar coding technology
  • Can be utilized for central lab water testing and product testing
  1. Place reagents, accessories and bar-coded samples on the deck.
  2. The Nexus™ scans the barcodes to retrieve product information.
  3. Samples are diluted as needed.
  4. The gripper arm loads the MCS™ with cartridges.
  5. EndoScan-V™ software is engaged to initiate testing.
  6. Upon completion, the gripper arm removes each cartridge and places it in the disposal tray.
  7. Test results are tracked using EndoScan-V™ and can be printed or sent to LIMS for further analysis.

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