Charles River has developed and optimized a range of quantitative and qualitative limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) formulations that provide increased sensitivity, greater linearity and superior interference resistance. Endosafe® LAL reagents are licensed by the FDA for product release. Our line of accessory products are all certified for the appropriate LAL testing requirements. These high-quality accessories impart control and consistency, thereby minimizing invalid results and repeat testing.


Our new video highlights our strong commitment to the conservation of the horseshoe crab. 

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The Great LER Debate

The Great LER Debate

Low endotoxin recovery has been a topic of interest for almost three years, but not much changed in that time. John Dubczak, General Manager of Charles River Microbial Solutions, discusses in Outsourced Pharma.

Ever had an Injection? Thank a Horseshoe Crab

A medicine that will be administered into the bloodstream or spinal fluid must be tested for bacterial endotoxins. What may be surprising that this very important test is dependent on the horseshoe crab.

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