PTS™/MCS™ Cartridges

All of our rapid testing instruments utilize our FDA-licensed cartridges for batch release testing, as well as a variety of non-regulated cartridges for simple, 15-minute testing. The cartridges are pre-loaded with all of the reagents required to perform an LAL test, eliminating preparation of multiple reagents and reducing the opportunity for technician error.

Since there is no need to create a standard curve, create a positive product control and reconstitute LAL, there is no need for a negative control by the user. However, it is recommended that when performing sample dilutions, the diluent be tested for endotoxin prior to use.

The disposable cartridge contains four channels - two channels with CSE and LAL, which serve as the positive control channels, and two channels with LAL for testing of samples. To perform the test, add 25 µl of sample into all four sample reservoirs. The reader's internal pump moves the samples to the first reagent station for mixing. The pump then moves the samples to the second station for mixing, and lastly into the optical cells of the cartridge to be read kinetically. 

Understand how our FDA-licensed Endosafe®nexgen-PTS™/MCS™ cartridges are compliant with existing globally harmonized USP/EP guidelines and requirements.

Endosafe®nexgen-PTS™ Cartridges Sensitivity  EU/ml  Code


10 single packs of cartridges* 0.1 PTS201F
10 single packs of cartridges* 0.05 PTS2005F
10 single packs of cartridges* 0.01 PTS2001F
10 single packs of cartridges* 0.005 PTS20005F
10 single packs of cartridges (unlicensed) 0.1 PTS201
10 single packs of cartridges (unlicensed) 0.05 PTS2005
10 single packs of cartridges (unlicensed) 0.01 PTS2001
Multi-packs of 25 cartridges (5/pouch)* 0.05 PTS5505F
Multi-packs of 25 cartridges (5/pouch)* 0.01 PTS5501F
Multi-packs of 25 cartridges (5/pouch)* 0.005 PTS55005F
*Licensed by the FDA

Inhibition/Enhancement Screening Cartridges Code


10 single packs of cartridges** PTS220
**Not licensed by the FDA

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