Plant Metabolism Studies

Plant metabolism studies at Charles River involve the application of the radiolabeled test item (in the proposed commercial formulation) according to the intended use pattern and method. Samples are harvested at intervals between application and maturity to provide intermediate and final analysis points for information on the metabolic pathway and changes in residue levels.

We can establish optimum growing conditions for crop species for which our clients may have a future requirement. This exploratory work ensures the integrity of the definitive study at no extra cost or obligation to the client.

Planning Your Crop Metabolism Programme

This webinar replay discusses the studies and factors to be considered when designing your residue chemistry program.

Watch the webinar
  • Cereals
  • Oilseed species
  • Leafy and fruiting vegetables
  • Root crops and legumes
  • Fruits and grapevine
  • Sugarcane
  • Tobacco
  • Confined crop rotation studies
  • Studies with genetically resistant crops (e.g., maize, rape and soybean)
  • Investigations into degradation during storage and processing
  • Other specialized studies, such as pollen transfer

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Field Trials

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