Human Exposure Studies

Operator, bystander and worker exposure studies are performed to evaluate the dermal and inhalation exposure of workers in typical practical field situations.

Charles River has an impressive track record in the conduct of human exposure studies, where our experience with GLP, GMP and GCP gives us a unique competence. We conduct studies throughout Europe, using local country offices to locate and evaluate suitable operators prior to study commencement. This also allows selection of suitable types of application equipment with representative filling methods and designs.

We can also undertake both the field and analytical phases of these studies, including the biological monitoring of plasma and urine, in addition to the normal clothing and hand wash solutions.

Operator exposure studies can also be performed to evaluate the dermal and inhalation exposure of workers using novel biocides in typical in-life situations (e.g., shipyard workers using anti-fouling paints on boats).

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Field Trials

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