Metabolite Profiling & Identification

Charles River offers a comprehensive service for the isolation, analysis and identification of metabolites from biological matrices in support of compound safety and metabolism studies.

Our biotransformation chemists have many years of experience in the following areas:

  • Chromatography method development
  • Sample preparation method development
  • Extraction of bound residues
  • Radiochromatographic profiling
  • Isolation and purification of metabolites
  • Metabolite identification using LC-MS/MS, QToF
    and IT-ToF
  • Access to NMR
  • Expert report preparation
  • Radiosynthesis

Charles River can assist with the procurement of radiolabeled molecules on behalf of clients. This service is totally confidential, free of charge and does not commit the client to using either Charles River or any of the laboratories involved. Additionally, we have chemists on-site who are experienced in the handling and repurification of radiolabeled molecules, which allows us to preserve study timelines when radiolabeled molecules are unstable or impure.

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Field Trials

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